The Hydro-Cartridge incorporates several unique and patented features into its design:
  • Hydraulic Retention Time: Due to the ‘trap’ design, the Hydro-Cartridge will maintain a water level which helps the various hydrocarbon liquids found in stormwater runoff from roadways and parking lots to separate naturally from the runoff water flow.
  • Sediment Trapping: Also due to the trap design, sediments will precipitate out of the runoff flow and settle to the bottom of the Hydro-Cartridge unit.
  • Emergency Spill Capacity: A very important feature is the ability to hold spills that may occur, such as fuel tank ruptures on vehicles or leaks from other sources. No other device currently available has this ability to safely retain spills and prevent these from entering the storm drain system.
  • Illegal Discharge Monitoring/Sampling: Related to #3 above, the Hydro-Cartridge is able to retain liquids and/or solids that may enter a storm drain structure as a result of illegal discharges. These retained samples can aid environmental crime detectives in detecting and prosecuting illegal discharge.

    Examples: The City of Coral Gables has had many incidents of illegal discharges into their stormdrain structures. In several incidents, public works officials were able to successfully identify and prosecute illegal dischargers. One case involved the illegal dumping by a concrete company that had been cleaning its mix trucks and placing the wastes down the stormdrains. A second incident involved a contractor that was using the stormdrains for disposal of paints and paint thinners. In each example, the Hydro-Cartridge was able to fully capture the illegal discharges and retain the samples as evidence to be used in successful prosecution of the offending parties. In addition, the stormdrains were protected from a release of toxic materials into the stormdrain system. This saved the city money from repairs and cleanup costs, and fines levied against the offending parties helped to purchase additonal Hydro-Cartridge units.
  • Long Term Design Lifetime: The Hydro-Cartridge is made from fiberplastic resins which give the Hydro-Cartridge an estimated design lifetime of 35 years. This gives the Hydro-Cartridge an average initial expense of only $31 per year of useful life. There is no chance of device failure from corrosion or from negative effects of chemicals.
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: The Hydro-Cartridge is designed to be installed in typical catch basin configurations. Monitoring of solids can be performed without removal of the grate, and the hydrocarbon filter element are easily replaced. A crew of just 2 personnel can clean up to 35 Hydro-Cartridges each day using typical vacuuator vehicles owned by most cities.

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